Staff have been present at our office again starting May 11, 2020. In view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we will be maintaining social distancing and other precautionary restrictions until further notice. Our visitors will be subject to the same restrictions. Thanks to all for their co-operation.

Please view this page again at a later date.

[Posted on March 15, 2020; updated on March 26, 2020, May 10 and May 22, 2020; last edited on June 22, 2020]


Due to re-zoning, the entrance is at Rotterdamseweg 183c, 2629 HD Delft. [Posted on January 30, 2012]


In view of bank holidays and seasonal holidays, our office premises will not always be staffed. If you have any urgent enquiry which you send to us by fax, then please also send a message by e-mail. This will prompt an appropriately swift response to your enquiry. Thank you.

[Posted on May 04, 2010]


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