A technology-based organisation’s IP-strategy undeniably needs to be consistent with its business strategy and R&D programmes.

Generally, an innovating enterprise or research organisation is  focussed on its desired financial performance and market. It also has a clear idea of the development of the technology required to meet its current and future objectives. Such an organisation may, however, come up short in developing an IP-programme in conjunction with its business goals and R&D programmes.

This may result in having to deal with IP professionals in an ad hoc way, ending with perhaps unfulfilled expectations and resulting disappointment for the organisation.
What has Southern Cross done for a number of its clients?

It aided in developing and implementing an IP-programme that was congruous with its client’s business goals. Assistance by Southern Cross involved:

  • Carrying out IP-audits in regard of M&A operations;
  • Carrying out patent reviews in light of clearances of investment and R&D proposals;
  • Appraising and appropriately enhancing the structure of the client's competitive activity.

How does Southern Cross help its clients?

To start with, attention is paid in regard of a comprehensive understanding of the client organisation and its needs. This is followed by an evaluation of the current practice of competitive activity. Simple, readily implementable steps are suggested to ensure that IP-related processes and outcomes are dealt with appropriately and systematically.

For implementation, preferably the client organisation’s own staff are educated and trained to be self-reliant. If this is not feasible, then cost-effective services of external IP professionals are hired-in.
What are the benefits to its clients?

  • Getting a grip on their IP;
  • Making more use of their existing IP and creating more IP more cost-effectively than before;
  • DIY as much as is practically possible.

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