Southern Cross has provided services, either pre-trial or in court and before adjudicative bodies as well in alternative dispute resolution processes relating to, inter alia, the following technical subject-matters:

  • Farming equipment;
  • Liquid manure dispersion machinery;
  • Housing infrastructure in the electricity-distribution industry;
  • Floor-heating equipment;
  • Fruit-harvesting and -handling machines;
  • Crop-handling machines;
  • Tree-harvesting equipment;
  • Waste-sorting machines;
  • Construction elements and fruit-growing implements, in the horticultural industry;
  • Automated planting machines in the horticultural industry;
  • Single-use packaging;
  • Bridge-inspection and -maintenance machine;
  • Construction-site container-lifting implement;
  • Construction for anchoring playground equipment in the ground;
  • Marine supplies for the shipping and offshore industries;
  • Boat sheds;
  • Hospital beds

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